Thursday, 14 December 2017

‘Oyinbo Wives of Lagos’ reality TV show coming soon.


For the most part of 2017, myself and my staff have been working on creating amazing TV content for your viewing pleasure. I told you guys earlier that we are getting a channel on DSTV in 2018 and we will soon unveil our online TV network to enable Nigerians in the Diaspora watch our content. A lot of our content will be reality shows...and this is the first one I'd like to introduce to you guys.
Oyinbo Wives of Lagos features 6 Nigerian women who are married to white men who live in Lagos. The drama, fights, friendship, laughter (yimu at the last, fights, drama and more drama is something like you've never seen before. 

The show was conceptualized by me and I am also the executive producer. Whoop whoop! Lol. The producer is Eloho Okumo and the artistic director is Daniel Samari.
The cast include Oby, Michelle, Linda, Kenny, Oluchi, and Beatrice.  
Coming soon on Linda Ikeji TV- is a media partner to the series