Tuesday, 26 February 2019

I am Yours Always- Enjoy the Wedding of Amanda & Sydney in Ghana

Our hearts are bursting with so much joy today and you know why, this wedding ceremony between Amanda and Sydney is the reason.
The beautiful Ghanaian couple, Amanda and Sydney‘s white wedding put us in that I-really-want-to-see-this mood and we absolutely know that you will feel the same way. From the decor to the beautiful view of the space.
Amanda looked so beautiful in both dresses for the day while her groom was dashing in his white tux with a black bowtie. I mean, their entire squad came ready to turn up at the reception and even the newly wedded couple were not left behind.  But wait, you have to be prepared for this, as obtained from Bella Naija’s wedding.
But before this ceremony, they were traditionally joined and trust us you will fall in love with the Ghanaian traditional engagement when you see it. The ceremony popped with the beautiful colours of the signature Kente fabric and also their cultural rites. Just in case, you are wondering why we totally love it, then keep scrolling and also check out here for more reasons.