Saturday, 16 February 2019

Melania Trump steps out with $2300 worth of Cape for Mar-a-Lago with hubby, Donald Trump.

 Melania Trump dressed in a black cape while heading to Mar-a-Lago, even holding husband Donald’s hand. The fashionable US First Lady’s Ferragamo black cape is reportedly worth a whopping $2300 as she and husband Donald left the White House schedules and jet down to their Mar-a-Lago estate in south Florida on February 15th.

Aside the above, Melania was pictured on some pricey accessories: she carried a dark Hermes Birkin bag, wore black suede boots with a 5 inch heel and donned dark sunglasses even though it was cloudy outside. The look was put together just for the walk across the South Lawn of the White House to Marine One, which ferried the first couple to Andrews Air Force Base.
From there they boarded Air Force One to head to West Palm Beach. While onboard she changed into a black dress and heels to greet fans when the first couple landed in Florida.
In addition to her fetching outfit, Melania did something even more eye-catching — she put on a PDA show with her husband! 

Melania has been caught on numerous occasions swatting away President Trump’s hand when he tries to hold hers, according to a Hollywoodlife source. But this time she had her perfectly manicured right hand firmly entwined with her husband’s while he gave a wave to photographers with his other hand.

This outfit is a far cry from what Melania has donned over the past several days. On Feb. 13, she wore a pink patterned $3,000 Fendi coat with neon pink mink fur cuffs on it and a tied off belt around her waist while greeting the president of Colombia and his wife at the White House. While it was definitely high-end fashion, she got trolled by fans for appearing to wear an “expensive bathrobe.”