Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Kourtney Kardashian poses topless for for Vogue Mexico ‘Beauty’ Issue.

Kourtney Kardashian goes completely topless for the latest cover of the ‘Vogue Mexico’ beauty issue. This is the first Vogue cover for the mother-of-three who poses naked for Vogue Belleza, (the beauty issue), of Vogue Mexico.

She is pictured with her mouth wide open, as if she’s screaming, her eyes shut, and her hands in her wet, wavy hair. She’s barely wearing any makeup aside from the main attraction of the cover which is her bright, neon orange eyeshadow which completely covers her entire eyelids.

Speaking to the magazine, Kourtney admits:
The greatest strength in my life, is the support of my family, who continues promoting my dreams. One of the most important qualities that they instilled in me was to treat all people with humility and respect.”
As for how she has become a businesswoman:
 In my adolescence I used to listen to my mother making business calls and one of the things I learned from her since then was to never take a ‘NO’ as an answer. The secret lies in getting close to the right people, those who understand your ideas and they do not set limits for you.
The passion in each of my projects is essential, every day requires a different effort because I am involved in different activities that absorb a large part of my energy, so I must be very clear in the decisions I make, to put all my attention and above all love in everything I do.”

Kourtney explains that she never expected her life to turn out this way:
 I never thought that I would become a benchmark in the world of business, fashion and beauty, it was simply constant work that opened the way for me to develop and explore new facets in my life, since I want to convey to my followers that we are all capable of undertaking new challenges and leaving behind our fears.”
 The decision to have Kourtney grace the beauty issue of Vogue Mexico, further adds speculation to what many people believe – that Kourtney is starting her own beauty line called Poosh, named after her daughter, Penelope’s, nickname.