Friday, 12 April 2019

Atletico Madrid striker, Diego Costa gets eight-game ban for abusing referee.

Atletico Madrid striker Diego Costa has been given eight games after being found guilty of abusing a referee, Manzano during Atletico's 2-0 defeat by Barcelona.

According to the referee’s match report, the 30-year-old had "insulted his mother", a claim Costa has denied, and thus prompting the Spanish Football Federation to give Costa a four-game suspension for insults to the referee and a further four matches for grabbing the official's arm.

Atletico have revealed their plan to appeal against the ban. "I asked the referee and he told me Costa said something to him," Atletico manager Diego Simeone said after Saturday's game, "Other players have said things and not been sent off, but that does not justify what Costa did," he added.