Saturday, 13 April 2019

I was a ‘nobody’ in Nigeria…if you have the chance, leave Nigeria- US-based Nigerian man recounts his ordeals.

Emma Madu is a young Nigerian currently based in the US, and he has got some piece of advice for Nigerians; he has asked Nigerians to leave the country and come over to the US should the opportunity presents itself.

He is of the opinion that the country cannot give you the best life can afford, especially opportunities. In his exact words:
After running around looking for gas to power our factory generator in Onitsha, I did not even think twice when I got the chance to go to America. It is still the best decision of my life.
I got a job, went back to school while working. Became a U S citizen, brought my brother to America, and built a house in Nigeria. Then went back to Nigeria to get married. Brought my wife to America and got her a green-card. Now with 3 kids and 15 years in America last I was a nobody in Nigeria then, but today, my membership card of Knight Of Columbus is enough to get me inside the Vatican without a ticket- Just my ID.
I cannot count how many times I have seen Nigerians being searched like criminals in many airports while I simply stroll by with the shout of "welcome Sir" from the same airport officials just because of my US passport.
And then you almost burst into tears knowing that the only difference between you and those your brothers is the passport. The same people you were chatting with inside the plane until it is time to show our passports. Then you get a welcome sir while your brothers get a path down. So if you are doing well in Nigeria fine, but if you have the chance to move, move.