Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Photos: Paris Jackson pictured Making Out With BF Gabriel Glenn on the Streets of L.A.

True love knows no bound they say, and it’s actually played out here! While taking a walk in L.A., Paris Jackson and her boyfriend, Gabriel Glenn, took a break to passionately make out with each other while under a shady tree, caring less about any one’s opinion or remark.

The lovebirds were spotted strolling the streets of Los Angeles on the 1st of April, with Paris, rocking a bohemian striped long-sleeved sweatshirt and moccasin style-boots, and walked hand-in-hand with Gabriel.
It certainly was the “Summer of Love” for these two, despite being springtime, because in an intimate moment, the two gave each other deep kiss while standing in the shade of a tree.

And fortunately for Paris, she has walked past all the sad and controversial news about her in recent weeks, especially of her mental health and rumoured suicide attempts, and now enjoying her love life as much as she desired.