Friday, 17 May 2019

Am a good rider, a wife material…just pay my 4million naira dowry into my account, we are good to go- Actress Cossy Ojiakor says.

Controversial Nigerian actress and nude addict, Cossy Ojiakor said she is a wife material and she has all the in demand qualities that will inevitably satisfy her man-that she is a good rider as well.

Releasing her UBA account details, she wants a yearly dowry, but that the first year payment must be 4million and above. Read her post below… 
“Wife Material .... baby la hot... lovely front pillow ... soft soothing voice to send u asleep in no time.... am a good rider u know... ask hmmmmm ...never mind...just pay the dowry into my account already let’s get married... no need to cheat and hide ....
I won’t bite ...just bring my spec ....we can do all the cheating together so send the dowry to Cossy Ojiakor Uba account 2012202005 So ama roll up for a date. It’s just 4m for the first 1yr of marriage.”