Sunday, 12 May 2019

See what Cardi B wore for a shopping with rapper Offset.

Celebrity couples, Cardi B and Offset were spotted shopping together, and she chose to just wear a white robe on their outing! They enjoyed a day off together from their hectic schedules for some fun shopping!

Cardi B was simply wearing something optimal for her comfort for the outing as she wore a white fluffy robe while the pair looked for new items. While the two were browsing, Offset wrapped his arm around Cardi, and she had her elbows on the table with her neon-painted nails against her face. Cardi wore her hair wrapped in a Burberry scarf, and looked amazing makeup-free.
The rapper in a robe tried on a piece while looking in the mirror. She rocked Gucci slippers as well while the two were out. The couple’s shopping spree in Beverly Hills on May 9 came one day after Offset survived a drive-by shooting at his recording studio in Atlanta.