Sunday, 16 June 2019

Amid Cheating Rumors involving her fiancé, Porsha Williams opens up about it.

Reality television stars Porsha Williams stopped by the American Black Film Festival in Miami Thursday to dish all about how hard it may be living and loving while cameras are following your every move.
Williams who recently welcomed daughter Pilar Jhena with her fiance Dennis McKinley on March 22. She spoke frankly about her relationship and the importance of protecting it, especially while rumors are swirling after facing too much pressure to be transparent amid rumors of McKinley having an affair, but she explained to those in attendance why she’s taking her time before truly speaking out, according to Essence.

“I’m pretty much doing everything in my own time. Not that there’s anything I’m trying to hide or run away from, but if you love someone and you make a mistake or he makes a mistake or whatever’s going on, you gotta make sure that y’all are good at the end of the day,” Williams explained.
“I am on a reality television show and I do pride myself on being transparent on the show,” Williams continued, “but at the same time I’m human and when you’re talking about family, something that you want for a lifetime, you have to protect it.”
Williams went on to explain that despite the rumors, she’ll always love her fiancé because he’s the father of her daughter.
“What I will always do is make sure I protect family. He will always be my daughter’s father and I will absolutely love him forever. We absolutely go through our ups and downs together. And I still thank God for the blessing I claimed a year ago.”
“There are still be things in any of us that aren’t perfect, that we have to deal with as a family. But overall I am still thankful to God and I know he is holding both of our hands as long as we stay in prayer,” she added.