Wednesday, 19 June 2019

R Kelly spending next Father’s day in jail.

Embattled veteran RnB singer, R. Kelly will spend the next Father's Day behind bars, and Joycelyn Savage will spend it with her parents ... at least, that's what Joycelyn's dad hopes.

Tim Savage says his daughter is one of the singer's sex slaves, reveals he's counting down the days until the embattled singer goes to jail and his daughter comes back home, according to TMZ reports.

Joycelyn's dad says Father's Day left him with an empty feeling, because he only got to spend time with 2 of his 3 daughters ... and he's blaming it all on R. Kelly, and wishing the worst for him. As you know ... Joycelyn lives with R. Kelly, but her family believes she's been brainwashed. They've been fighting like hell to free her from his clutches- so far, to no avail. 

R. Kelly's staring down some hard time ... he's facing 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse and was recently hit with 11 felonies related to sexual assault.

Survivors walked through the fire and then stood again to tell this story.” 

The Savages were featured in Lifetime's "Surviving R. Kelly," and it won the MTV Award for Best Documentary Monday night, which Tim says is a step in the right direction.