Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Own a Property in Lekki and Get All Expense Paid Trip to Instanbul/Dubai with Your Child School fees Paid

Dayo was keen about his summer holiday and also his son school fees.

Dayo: How do I buy this property and still go for an holiday
Manager: You will get an all expense paid trip from @pennek_nigeria to go to instanbul or Dubai -
Dayo:  Waooo but I also have my son school fees to pay
Manager: @pennek_nigeria will pay the school fees
Dayo: Please send me the necessary documents I am more than interested 
Manager: I’m sending it right away
To enjoy our summer promo 
Buy any of the duplexes at THE ANNEX or Land at THE ESTATE by Lekki Scheme 2
Call 0700 1000 000

08032692422, 08032692429 

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