Thursday, 5 September 2019

Rapper Ikechukwu REVEALS how men of SARS kidnapped him last night in Lagos, took him to ATM were he withdrew money and gave them so he won’t be killed.

Veteran Nigerian rapper, Ikechukwu reveals his ordeals with SARS operatives in Lagos. Giving account of his bitter experiences with the dreaded men of SARS, he said:
'I was kidnapped by SARS  last night. Two minutes away from my house, taken to Lagos island and made to exhaust my ATM allowance or I would be killed and no one would know'.
Not by armed robbers. But when u are robbed and they are armed fully, 5 ak-47's. Blows to the head and bundled into a vehicle.

Isn't it the same thing? And then after you will now tell me our government is working. Things are in place. Bla bla. Let me tell u now straight up. I don’t care who you are, if you are rolling solo in this town and sars get you. Day or night. If they get ur phone. Its over for you.

They don’t have names or numbers on their uniforms. They literally said to me "na you burn this our hilux here yesterday abii". Acting like they didn’t know who I was and were gonna rope me in anything they felt or do with me what they would.
After collecting all the money in Lagos island they start laughing telling me I’m too stubborn that when will I introduce them to don jazzy. Oh so u know me. One even bragged about working a lot with wazobiafm.

Thanx for that info at least now i have a point to start my own investigation. I could've been shot and left in the dark space on that dark road. No ID no phone. Who would ID me. Who would be looking for me for days?

After all my people saw me enter uber heading home. On the island. Shey i'm safe. Good morning. Its a good day to be alive. I don't even know what hashtag to put sef. It's ok. I recorded a video initially from when I got home last night but it was too long and it made me cry again. So I just said lemme just yan straight no need for in the moment. Just the facts. We are not safe. End of story. Know as u dey take move.’