Wednesday, 30 October 2019

BBBNaija star, Uriel Oputa in tears as she reveals the health condition of her mum- And she plans having a child out of wedlock just for her mum.

Ex Big Brother Naija reality star Uriel Oputa has made some tears causing revelation about her family, especially her mother who is suffering from dementia, and the condition is getting worse.

She revealed that she has been celibate for about four years now, this she did to avoid falling into the wrong hand again and getting hurt in the end. 
And now, she is contemplating having a child out of wedlock just for her sick mum to have a feel of her grandchild before her ailment gets too bad- ‘My mum...if I leave it any longer and I don't meet anybody anytime soon, she won't remember my child’
"Even if I were to introduce my child to my mum, and she's at her later stages of her illness, no connection, she will just- nothing. She's already on her way out. And that made me angry. It made me angry.
 I've never questioned religion in any way and I never will question religion... never question God, but I question my morals and for me that was deep. I question my morals in the sense of, I said to myself, 'what if I wanted to have a child in order for my child and for me to give my mum the chance to have a connection with my child before she goes?
Because, my mum is going to forget the memories that we cherished together. And she'll forget all of that. She'll forget my name. So while she's still there just a little bit, would it be such a bad idea for me to have a child?
 And that thought crossed my head and I was like, 'no no no. It's not culturally... It's not right culture-wise. People might look down at me. People might say, 'you're wrong', 'I hate you' or 'you're setting a bad example…
So in what situation does a situation become morally right? Put yourself in this shoe, and I'm not saying that I'm going to do it, but if you was in my position, would you say having a child whatever way - artificial insemination or whatever - is wrong? Is it morally right or wrong? You guys decide and let me know. It's a very interesting topic and I wanted to share that with you.”
These she revealed via a video she shared on her Instagram package.