Tuesday, 22 October 2019

KFC's New Addition to The 5-In-1 Meal Box Family.

Remember the first time you ordered the KFC 5-In-1 Meal box and you thought to yourself, “This is what delicious finger lickin’ goodness looks and tastes like?”

Well, guess what? You were right, but there’s more, a whole lot more. KFC took the 5-In-1 Meal box that you’ve come to know and love, and added something crunchy and tasty to it. Say hello to the newest addition to the KFC 5-In-1 Meal Box family: The Popcorn Chicken!
Yup! You heard right! Your finger lickin 5-In-1 Meal Box now comes with the crunchy and juicy tasting Popcorn Chicken.
Due to this new addition, the 5-In-1 Meal Box now comes in three different variants starting from just N2000. So, no matter the finger lickin’ experience your taste buds desire, there’s a Meal Box just for you.
Each variant of the meal box comes with a Zinger burger, 1 piece of original or crispy chicken, regular chips and a 35cl Pepsi; then you have the option of a soft twirl ice cream, 2 zinger wings or the newly added popcorn chicken to complete your 5-in-1 meal!
There’s no reason to miss out on this tasty offer. The 5-in 1 Meal Box is available at all KFC outlets nationwide and if you can’t make it to the front door, you can place your order on Jumia Food and have it delivered to you! The 5-in-1 meal box is an offer you can’t afford to miss.