Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Men are hypocrites, they don’t want their women to expose their body, but lust after other women who dress same way- Singer Cartel Big J blows hot

One of the members of the music group Praye Tiatia, Cartel Big J is letting the world know that he doesn’t care about what his wife, Selly Galley wears publicly.

The singer made it clear that it doesn’t matter if his ex Big Brother Africa housemate wife, Selly Galley wears revealing clothes that expose her body parts.
 He accused most men of being hypocritical: as they will not want their woman to dress in a way that exposes their body, but go out to fall over other women who dress same way.
According to him: "Some of the men are very hypocritical about stuff like these. He’ll say cover yourself, wear long skirts, wear ones that are below the knee but when we go out we’ll be spying the girls wearing the mini skirts and all…
 Let’s not be too boring. The fact that you’re married doesn’t make you a lot of things you can’t feel free to do.
I mean of course a lot of things you can’t feel free to do but there’s some extent you can go but as a showbiz person I don’t see anything (wrong with it)."
Of course if it comes too up then it becomes someway," he said. "But a little skin doesn’t hurt and I love it.
I’m actually one of her biggest fan when it comes to her fashion sense she’s doing amazing and there’s a lot that’s coming up from her camp as well. Watch out."