Thursday, 24 October 2019

Mission Accomplished: Actress Pat Ugwu exposed her boobs in Instalive video, now the nude video has landed on a porn site.

Nollywood actress, Pat Ugwu who is addictive to sharing near nudes of herself is in the news once again, this time, for similar offence.

She recently exposed her breasts in an Insta-live video, claiming she is just being real. Though the video was quickly deleted, but unknown to her that her mission has been fulfilled as some person has already uploaded it on a porn site.

'You all know my selling point, it’s my ass; ‘Ikebe’, ‘Ukwu’, I’m the CEO of ass, what else if not my ass. I take care of my ass more than my stomach because it’s my selling point, and I also cherish my legs too.
“Men are dying for the ass and my ass has helped me so much and it is still helping me and I believe it can only get bigger even tomorrow, so no shaking,' she once revealed to Vanguard.

Source: LIB