Thursday, 24 October 2019

Young Nollywood film maker Michael Okemsinachi Anyanwu speaks on ‘Sex for Roles’ in the industry.

Like a Candle in the Wind, Filmmakers who preach against "sex for roles" might get blown off: Michael Okemsinachi Anyanwu, Story-teller cum content creator in a latest interview speaks against sex for roles in Nollywood.

Advises dependent creative minds in the Nollywood industry that solely depends on their producers, directors or executive producers to trade with caution as they speak against "Sex for Roles".

In his words: " I have been here for some time, and I know how difficult it is for a beautiful girl to get a role here, especially upcoming ones, this thing has been here even before I joined the industry, and it will be forever, but, it’s the right of the girl to speak up, take legal actions and we will back her up!

We are waiting for someone to break that yoke! I have seen and heard lots of creative individuals speak against it, and I must say, Like a Candle in the wind, dependent filmmakers, I mean the still photos, costumiers, makeup artists, props/set designers etc…
Who only depend on the directors, producers or executive producers before they can work should mind the way they talk about these things, if your director is not a kiss and tell kind of person, he might be doing it in hiding, even the producers and executive producers.

So, if you go about lecturing girls in the camp about their rights, you might end up being blown off and the director or producer will get someone else, so don't go about losing your jobs trying to protect a girl that is ought to protect herself".