Thursday, 7 November 2019

A Businessman takes wife to Greece for their anniversary 10 years after she was mocked back then for marrying an ordinary ‘Okirika seller’.

An Edo big boy and businessman, Hon Eghosa Agbonifo fulfils the promise he made to his beautiful wife 10 years ago when she took a chance on him despite the ridicule she faced.
He said his wife was mocked for getting pregnant for him, an okirika seller. They had to have a shotgun wedding that included him borrowing a suit and a car, writes LIB. After the court wedding, his new wife wasn't impressed with her wedding picture because she was heavily pregnant. 

But Etuk said he promised he would recreate her wedding picture for her, but in a more beautiful environment.
And he did. He took her to Santorini Island in Greece for their 10th wedding anniversary and they recreated their wedding photo as he promised. See the story below…