Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Stop doing drugs- Dbanj and his former manager, Bankulli fires atomic missiles at each other.

The age long beef between Nigerian music star, Dbanj and his former manager (during his Mo'hits days), Bankulli has suddenly reared up its ugly head as they wash it dirty on social media. 

The duo clashed on Instagram today, firing bitter words at each other. See it below… 
After the above scenario, Bankulli came back, talking about the drug life of Dbanj. In his words:
Doing Drugs will not help you but worsen your case (I heard about White powder) a shining prospect and you use your bad character to bloat all Away.

Hmmm It is never too late to go and seek truthfully the forgiveness and truth you seek look inward change your lifestyle stop lying to yourself that all is well but go back to the source so that all can be well with you.
You have done so much evil to many people that we both know of and today I speak for them all. (Dbanj Aka The Kokomaster alias kokomycine... *Drops mic)