Monday, 25 November 2019

The art in him: Timi Dakolo dazzles on the cover of Guardian Life’s Latest Issue

Timi Dakolo has remained one of a major force in the music/entertainment industry in Nigeria and beyond- From competing on West African Idols, which he won in 2007, to becoming one of the leading voices in the Nigerian music space till date.

In this interview with Guardian Life Magazine, Timi Dakolo says: “My songs are not for the now, it should be able to resonate with you as it did in 1980 and come down to 2019 and people can still feel the same way. My job as an art is to create a significant experience in the heart and minds of the listeners.” Read more (excerpts) from his interview below:

When asked who exactly Timi Dakolo is, he says:
Timi Dakolo is a blend of everything and everybody. I am a bit of a lot of things that I have imbibed overtime. I am an art not an artist. I see myself as an art. When I am singing, I am seeing myself from the position that I am an art that will resonate for a long time.
On his consistency and staying relevant, he says:
For you to stay relevant, you have to know your trade especially in a way that only you can. If you have to give all your ideas to somebody else to interpret, it can get lost in traffic and become someone else’s idea. Understand what works and what doesn’t.

Faced with the question of what role his wife, Busola Dakolo plays in his music career, he says that she is more than the vixen in his videos.
I would say she plays a lot of roles. For instance, I read a lot of music books and practice a lot but you understand when I say there are times life issues come to you and you are doing everything else except what you love. In moments like this, she would come at me with ‘I haven’t seen you practice in a long while.’ This lets you know there is a watch person behind you but that is only just one part.