Thursday, 5 December 2019

F-k u mean- Singer Jason Derulo comes for Instagram for removing his steamy underwear photo for going against their policy.

R&B Singer Jason Derulo is obviously not happy as Instagram removing his steamy underwear photo from his page for violating their Community Guidelines on nudity or sexual activity. 

Jason claims he’s a victim of a social media double standard.
The famous underwear pic by a pool in Bali is the very definition of living large. IG's explanation was that Jason was showing off "aroused genitalia" with the giant bulge in his briefs. According to the spokesperson for Facebook (which owns Instagram equally) reveals that Derulo’s post featured “aroused genitalia,” which violated their guidelines.

 Reacting angrily, the singer posted on his IG: F-k u mean? I have underwear on... I can’t help my size...”