Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Breaking: Don’t destroy your future- Naira Marley warns Marlians.

In recent times, there has been this massive craze among Nigerian youths, all in the name being Marlians- a social movement whose lifestyle is allegedly inspired by the life and music of controversial singer, Naira Marley.

In fact, the craze has taken a dangerous dimension, to the extent that the male don’t wear belts, while the female don’t wear bra. Worst still, earlier in the state of the current school term, some female secondary students were reportedly fired for attempting to start the Marlian cult in school.
And a host of other craze and odd life style exhibited by the so called marlians. Well, seeing the dangerous dimension the entire thing is headed to, the Marlian President General, Naira Marley has warned them not to destroy their future. See his post below…