Saturday, 4 January 2020

How we murdered and cut off her breasts, head and legs- update on the LASU ritual story.

22 year old Adeeko Owolabi whom allegedly killed his girlfriend, Miss Favour Daley-Oladele, a final year Theatre Arts student of Lagos State University (LASU), has shared gory details of how he carried out the demonic act, along one Prophet Segun Phillips, and his mother.

THE suspects today 4th January 2020, including Adeeko’s mother, Ruth, led the Nigerian police to the shallow grave where Favour's body was buried after she was killed on December 8th, 2019. 

The body of the deceased was afterwards exhumed, the head, the two breasts, neck and part of the two legs of late Favour had been heartlessly mutilated by the suspects.
Adeeko’s mum, Ruth denied having any knowledge that her son was into any form of rituals.

Adeeko in his words to Newsmen, said: '' After I lodged her in a guest house, I took her to a house which I claimed to be my uncle’s house, knowing fully well that the place was a ritualist’s den.  I smashed a pestle on her head and she collapsed. 

The prophet thereafter used a knife and cutlass to dismember her body which was divided into three parts breasts, head and legs with other vital parts. We buried the remaining part of her body beside Prophet Philip’s Church called ‘Solution Salvation Chapel’, while some vital parts was given to my mother to eat for spiritual cleansing”.

And the prophet:''I am not a prophet but a herbalist who engages in spiritual cleansing for whomsoever come to my place. I used the Solution Salvation Chapel as a cover up not to allow people know the true picture of who I am and what I do. 

Owolabi came to my place for money rituals and I told him that we need a complete human being for the rituals.  And on December 8, he brought his girlfriend to my church and we killed her and as well dismembered her body part for money rituals''.