Friday, 31 January 2020

I’m cutting off my clitoris so I can focus on my music career- Queen Haizel shocks the world!

Sexy Ghanaian singer, Queen Haizel has just revealed the extent she is going in order to push her music career to the next level.

Appearing on TV Africa's morning show 'VideoRyde’ anchored by Larry BozzIz, the singer said she will soon cut off her clitoris to enable her focus on her music career:
Very soon, I will be leaving the country for two months. I'm going to cut off my clitoris to be able to concentrate on my music career…” 
Pressed by the host to know the reason for such a shocking revelation, she said: “Basically, I have issues with my...
it's very very sensitive, so, like, it keeps taking my concentration off music. Like, I'm hyper when it comes to- you know... this is TV, I can't say…