Friday, 31 January 2020

In spite his huge divorce settlement, Jeff Bezos just made $13 Billion in just 15 minutes to remain the Richest person on earth.

World’s richest person, and the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos just stunned the world with his earning of $13 Billion in just 15 minutes.

This comes few months after he lost $38b in a divorce settlement with his ex wife, MacKenzie.

Amazon’s latest release for the fourth quarter showed that the company sales rose up 21 percent during the holiday quarter on Thursday, which put them up on the stock by about 12% to $2,100 after-hours trading, adding a swift $12.8 billion to Bezos’ fortune in about 15 minutes.

The late surge Thursday also added more than $90 billion to Amazon’s market value, pushing it above $1 trillion. Well, Mr Jeff seems to be an unstoppable force as his latest financial achievement further cemented his envious position as the world’s richest person.