Saturday, 25 January 2020

Next week you will hear Bobrisky did an abortion- the cross dresser troll bloggers as he gets new endorsement (photos)

It’s been quite a rough and turbulent time for Nigeria’s cross dresser, Bobrisky- from news of his alleged death resulting from a car accident, and to the most recent, that he was arrested by soldiers while his car was seized equally.

Though it all ended being a false news, and now, it seems all that bad news that trailed him were goodluck in disguise as he just bagged a new brand ambassadorship deal with a fitness and wellness company, Kanary Wellness, Abuja.
Sharing the news via his Instagram page, he threw a jab at bloggers, which by next week they will bring up news that he did an abortion, which seemingly mean a mockery that suggest bloggers carry fake news.
“The latest ambassador to @kanary_wellness . Have you guys noticed whenever I trend I get sign by one or two brands 😂. I set d goals other follows 😂. Bloggers your next week lies should be Bobrisky had an abortion,” he captioned the post.