Friday, 10 January 2020

Prince Harry won’t be getting his £2.3m annual handout if he steps away from his Royal duties- Prince Charles threatens.

The embattled Duke and Duchess of Sussex will stop receiving their royal funding should they proceed with quitting their royal duties as they earlier announced.

The Prince of Wales, Prince Charles reportedly made the threat to the couples after they announced they were leaving their royal roles in order to become financially independent and to pursue their personal interest equally.
The latest threat from Princess Charles will see the couples cut off from Harry's £2.3 million hand out from the Duchy of Cornwall Estate.
Their latest controversial decision has equally infuriated the Queen herself. A source privy to the Times, revealed that Prince Charles had made clear that he will not be writing his son a blank cheque.
Equally, that when the couple talk about splitting their time between the UK and North America, that they mean Canada, although they hinted that they could also spend time in the US, where Meghan's mother Doria Ragland is based.