Wednesday, 22 January 2020

#Trending: Olamide is the only Nigerian Celebrity who sent money for Majek Fashek’s health issues- His Manager Reveals

Legendary Nigerian music star, Majek Fashek is currently battling with health challenges over there at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich, England, and there have been calls for financial assistance for the singer.

Now, the singer’s manager, Umenka Uzoma has come out to making a shocking revelation that it is only Olamide among all other Nigerian artistes who has sent a financial support to the ailing singer.

Appearing on Nigeria Info’s 99.3 fm Lagos, the manager said of Olamide: “He called me up in England and he said, Bros, sorry oh, I wan support Baba, don’t discuss this with anybody and he said I must not mention this. He is the only person that supported.”

 He revealed that though some other artistes came, but he stopped them: “calm down and wait for Majek to come back. I decided to stop some of them because when money comes in, so many controversies arise, people you don’t know from any corner start raising some dirty voices.”

 Updating on the latest about his Boss’s health, he said:It is a private matter right now and his family is handling it. You don’t want to wash you dirty linen in public. He is not in the hospital though, I am communicating with his son.