Friday, 21 February 2020

American Actress, Amanda Laura is Engaged, but her family will block her marriage.

Former American actress and former Nickelodeon star, Amanda Laura Bynes announcement on Instagram about her engagement to Paul Michael: "Engaged to the love of my life," the 33-year-old former actress wrote Friday, while showing off her massive emerald-cut.

But the sad news now, is that her family is going to block her from tying the knot.
Sources revealed to TMZ that Amanda will never legally marry her fiancee, Paul Michael, because her mother holds the keys to marriage and she doesn't approve of her daughter's engagement.
Amanda's mother is her conservator, and we're told Amanda cannot get married without her conservator's consent. Our sources say the family feels it's not in her best interest to be married -- they haven't met Paul , so a wedding ain't happening.
As for the engagement ring ... our sources say Paul bought it off Amazon for $49, and Amanda is telling those around her the ring is NOT a real diamond and she's fine with a fake.

Amanda met Paul in AA and they've only been dating for a few months. Her family believes he doesn't have a job. Amanda had a boyfriend right before Paul, and we're told her family thinks he might be a rebound.