Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Celebrities with empty brains have millions of followers on Instagram, but a whole Chimamanda can’t boast of 500k- Nollywood director, Ugezu fumes

Nollywood director, Ugezu J Ugezu is certainly not pleased with millions of Nigerians, especially their choice of persons they follow on social media, which glaringly reflects the kind of poor choices we make in this part of the world.

He is wondering why a globally celebrated brain and achiever like Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie cannot boast of half a million followers on Instagram, whereas, many other persons who are not anywhere near the celebrated writer, have millions chasing them on their social media platforms.
He attributed it to the fact that such persons go naked with ease, and being the kind of things we desire and love in this part of the world, hence the reason we crowd their social media homes, while neglecting those with something meaningful to offer us, and to the world at large.
He said, millions of foolish Nigerians are so excited to follow such persons with nothing to offer.