Saturday, 8 February 2020

In spite living in a mud house, this young man was able to acquire his PhD.

A young South African man named Tshilidzi Nenzhelele is inspiring the world with his success story, against all daunting odds. He is encouraging his countrymen to climb to the apex of their life and the world, and never deterred by their current life’s condition.

He was able to acquire his PhD in spite all the circumstances that surrounded his life, and the difficult financial journey that marred his life and family. He is letting the world know that one can achieve whatever his or her heart can think of, only with strong determination and focus.

He equally revealed how he was living in a mud, to show the level of his financial condition, or penury, still, he was able to beat all odds to accomplish his education pursuit and target. In his words: “You can change as long as you are sick and tired of your current status. Almost every person who broke a world record was once sick and tired of seeing the same record.