Thursday, 27 February 2020

The biggest regret of my life is sharing my success story with Nigerians- Ubi Franklin’s baby Mama laments

Nigerian born US based serial entrepreneur, Sandra Iheuwa is regretting ever sharing her success story with Nigerians.

The alleged 4th baby mama of music executive, Ubi Franklin took to her Instagram page to lament that she is currently in regrets for ever letting Nigerians know about her success story, as it has gained her nothing, other than envy and hatred.
The successful business woman has been sharing cryptic posts on her IG page since today, suggesting she is in a kind of war of words with an unknown and unmentioned person. To the extent she has warned everyone, to stop approaching her to help promote their business or brand.
Equally, that no one should ever ask her for help again, even if someone dear to you is dying.