Tuesday, 11 February 2020

You are too sweet in the middle, therefore I can’t ever leave you- Mc Fish writes Anita Joseph.

MC Fish is obviously drowned in love, and getting intoxicated by the love his fiancee, Anita Joseph has brought into his life.

The love between this infant lovebirds, actress Anita Joseph and her soon to to be husband, MC Fish has come to stay, with the two growing deaf ears against all the negative talks and aspersions over their relationship.

They have been flaunting their new love always, to the envy of many. This time, it is MC Fish who took to his Instagram page to share photos of his woman, while gushing over her, equally making it known to her hat there is no way he can ever leave her again, because something about her is too sweet, probably which he can't find in another woman.