Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Black people will never team up to do business, but they always team up for alcohol- Facebook user reacts.

A Facebook user identified as CeeJay Smith is not happy with his Black people, which in this context, he is referring to his African Brothers.

He is angry that the black people don't will always have money and time to buy and drink alcohol together, spending extravagantly in the process, but will never sit together to plan a business, nor spend together for a business.
And to be honest, he is 100% right, because most Nigerians, you will meet them in a bar, clustered round a table, filled with many bottles of alcohol, both filled and empty ones, chattering and soaking themselves in alcohol.

In fact, to the extent of challenging each other on who spends the most in the process, just to claim to be a 'Big Boy'. But just after that place, ask any of them to come put head together for a business discussion or planning, you will be shocked by the action of the person.
And it is one of the main factors that has kept us in this poverty level for ages.