Friday, 13 March 2020

Corona Virus causes scare in Las Vegas, as Couples abandons wedding ceremonies.

Sin City wedding chapels are increasing getting empty and desolate as Corona Virus continue to pose a huge health threat to the world.

Multiple reports have it that couples hoping to tie the knot at famous spots are canceling wedding plans left and right in the wake of a deadly pandemic. Four of the most popular wedding venues in Las Vegas are no longer booming in the face of the fast-spreading coronavirus, with lots of would-be brides and grooms telling them they're too scared to go through with their destination weddings.
Vegas Wedding disclosed to TMZ that they've had couples saying they made their decision over fears of contracting coronavirus. One bride cited her weakened immune system, saying travel and crowds are not worth the risk. Another family also bailed over travel fears.
Graceland Wedding Chapel is dealing with similar fears: COVID-19 and travel. They tell us they do lots of weddings for Europeans, and Trump's travel ban has chapel owners worried about future bookings. The silver lining -- European couples can get a 2-year credit to reschedule nuptials if they cancel.
Ditto Wedding Chapel- the owner tells us things are deathly slow ... and the European travel ban is already forcing last-minute cancellations. Viva Las Vegas Wedding is getting at least 3 cancelations a day, while some couples say they're still coming because they won't let the virus ruin their lives.
The chapels are dealing with the same issues -- and working overtime to keep things sanitized -- and even Elvis Presley impersonators are feeling the effects.
The famous Elvis at Viva Las Vegas Wedding is washing his outfits way more often ... and he's got hand sanitizer at his podium, because he's still shaking hands and hugging couples for photos. Ditto for the Elvises at Graceland Wedding Chapel, where one impersonator is also cycling through 20 jumpsuits to stay extra-clean.

The impersonators spend a lot of time in the bathroom, just like the real Elvis ... only the wannabees are there to wash hands.

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I hope that we will be able to find the vaccine and fight the Corona Virus soon and stop its interference in our everyday life.