Thursday, 26 March 2020

Corona Virus: Fans tackles Rema for blaming the Nigerian Government over their failure to build Standard hospitals.

Young and talented Nigerian music star, Rema is not happy with the Government over their failure to build good hospitals in the country, and now, such a situation like this is here, how then do we cope with it, especially if the situation escalates like in some other European countries?

And as the panic and fears caused by the Corona Virus pandemic, blames and counter blames have started flying in the air, and Nigeria is not left out.

As some top politicians in the country have tested positive to the virus, and with the evident poor health sector in the country, angry Nigerians have started to react, which prompted that of Rema, but unfortunately, and surprisingly, he is been tackled by same people he is using his huge platform to speak out for.
Some questioned him, on what he has done to help in fighting the Corona Virus like most celebrities are doing in some other countries. Anyway, see it all below...