Thursday, 26 March 2020

Corona Virus has finally proven to all that we are equal, and that God is still the greatest- Actor Yul Edochie says

As the Corona Virus pandemic continues to crumble most activities across the world, many reactions have continued to trail the globally pandemic.

And one of the latest reactions is coming from Nollywood actor and movie director, Yul Edochie, with his philosophical message. The actor cum politician is reminding everyone, that with the current Corona Virus crisis, that it has been proven beyond doubt, that we all are equal before God- be it the rich, poor, adult, children, white, black, etc.

Going further, he said: "We should spread love, peace, happiness, tolerance, coexistence," then he added, "God almighty is the greatest, and he created us all the same."
And to be honest, the global pandemic caused by the Corona Virus has really taught humanity some critical lessons, especially in relation to the famous words of the late King Solomon, "Vanity upon vanity, all is vanity."

Those words are playing out perfectly now, as with all our wealth, is not a guarantee of not contracting the virus, nor getting cured.

Truly, after the world comes out of this epidemic, it calls for a true sober reflection, so we can understand the true essence of life.