Sunday, 22 March 2020

Corona Virus: Those in the Marijuana Biz are smiling to the Bank.

No right thinking person will say the Corona Virus outbreak or pandemic is somewhat of a good news, but folks in the legal marijuana biz will say it’s a good time for their business. As a popular saying goes: ‘another man’s poison is the other’s best food’.

THC Design, one of the largest cannabis suppliers in the game just revealed that they saw a 300% increase in sales this week, completely attributed to the outbreak of the dreaded Corona Virus- THC Design supplies 275 dispensaries and 20 delivery service platforms in Cali.
Despite the huge consumer demand, THC Design says it's not hiring new employees- at least not yet, according to TMZ.

As for its current workforce, THC Design tells us it's taking extra steps to keep the workplace safe.

The main facility in Downtown L.A. has a new sterilization procedure for all employees entering the building- hand washing with isopropyl alcohol to completely sterilize, separating the workforce and allowing office staff to work from home, scrapping communal lunches, and making everyone enter from the same entrance to make sure they're sanitized.