Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Floyd Mayweather’s uncle, Roger Mayweather dies at age 58.

Flamboyant boxing Champion, Floyd Mayweather loses his uncle, Roger Mayweather at age 58.

Roger who is a renowned famous boxing trainers, until his death used to be a member of Floyd's training team, obviously helping him into becoming the global phenom he is today. Many considered Roger the best trainer in the world.
He was also a pretty good boxer and battled with some pretty big stars, including Julio César Chávez and Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini- a 2-weight world champion, winning the WBA and lineal super featherweight titles back in the day, along with the WBC light welterweight title (from '87 to '89).

Roger had been in declining health for years. In fact, Floyd opened up about Roger's health back in 2015 and blamed boxing for damaging his brain, according to TMZ.
"My uncle Roger Mayweather has lost a lot of memory from the sport of boxing," Floyd said ... "He's only in his 50s, but it seems like he's an old man in his 80s".

Watch moments he was with Flyod during his fights- https://youtu.be/jr2NUzG9PLM