Monday, 23 March 2020

Wife of British actor, Sabrina Elba contacts Corona Virus days after her husband tested positive too.

Sabrina, wife of British actor Idris Elba has announced that she has tested positive to the dreaded corona virus, few days after her husband tested positive to same virus. 

She made this known during a talk show with veteran media mogul Oprah Winfrey, even insisting she is not bothered over the virus infection. Her stand comes after she and her actor hubby were heavily criticized for doing a video broadcast together, against the health practice of social distancing, more especially on a situation of a confirmed case.
In her words:  

"Actually, I found out this morning, Oprah, that I tested positive.
"I’m not surprised. As soon as I heard that Idris was potentially exposed I was on my way anyway and I wanted to be with him. I think that’s an instinct as a wife you just want to go and take care. We didn’t change the way we interacted.

"I could have made a decision to put myself in a separate room or maybe stay away. I’m sure people are making those decisions, they’re tough decisions to make. But I made the decision to want to be with him and still touch him."