Sunday, 22 March 2020

You close Churches, Schools, etc, but leave Market open- Bishop David Oyedepo tackles Nigerian Government.

Founder of Living Faith Church (Winners Chapel), Bishop David Oyedepo is not on the same page with government across the country on their decision to close schools due to the Corona Virus pandemic. 

 His reason being that, you close schools and churches, yet people are crowded over there in the market. He made the statement during their usual Sunday service at Canaan Land Ota, regardless of Government ban on gathering above 50 persons.

According to him: 

May God help our policy makers to make the right decision in finding solution to this scourge called Coronavirus.
"Now children are out of school, to go back to that crowd. Would they not be more secured in school where they are only 20 in class? They will now go to help their mama, to sell pepper in the market where you contact about 500,000 people a day in big cities. Everybody is trying to find solutions, may we find the right solution. 

“May God help our leaders to make the right decision in search of solution to this pandemic.”

 Continuing, he said:"What we are doing is to ensure that the plague doesn't spread. This has never happened in my lifetime that nations are shutting their doors against each other.

"The world is at war with an invisible enemy and we must pray. Schools are being shut down, people are entering buses where everyone is breathing on everyone, every market in Africa is an open market. Can we test everybody taking a bus? Only God can rescue the world at this time.

"We are a law abiding congregation and must follow measures being put in place to contain the spread."
 “Only the help of God can save Nigeria and Africa in a while from this Pandemic.
"Plagues cannot stop us. Coronavirus cannot stop God’s children, but I assure you that the solution will be found this week.
“Strategies are being developed on how to manage this in respect to our worship programs. We will come up with specific programs during the week that will be communicated to everyone.

“Our Zonal positions may have to be enlarged to accommodate a lot of people.”