Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Corona Virus- You must give other Nigerians same special treatment as you do to those who brought home the Virus- Senator Shehu Sani tells FG.

Senator Shehu Sani is concerned how Nigerians are being treated amid the Corona Virus pandemic and lockdown, and obviously not happy with the Government of Nigeria.
The Kaduna State born politician is tasking the Government to disregard prejudice and preferential treatment regards the entire process involving the Corona Virus fight. In order words, he wants the Government to extend the good treatment given to those carrying the virus, to those whom have been inconvenienced by the virus they didn't bring into the country.
His statement and position comes amidst the lockdown order by the Government, as part of the reactive measures towards containing the virus, and may be, eradicating it as quick as possible.

And since the announcement and commencement of the lockdown in most states across the Federation, most Nigerians have criticized the Government for not putting measures on ground, that will cushion the hardship that they will face as a result of the action.

Though food markets and other businesses are permitted to function during the lockdown, but it is obvious that things will never be the same, because the Nigerian economic system is structured in a way that businesses are interdependent. That is, the person who sells foodstuffs depends on the person who sells cloths, and vice versa.

Though the Government at different level have taken one or two actions, in that regard, to help I reducing the economic hardship that comes with the Government compulsory lockdown order.