Friday, 3 April 2020

Nigerians reject the 300 SMS offer from MTN over the Corona Virus lockdown (see all the reactions)

As the lockdown, otherwise known as the stay at home order from the Government as part of the efforts towards winning the war against Corona Virus in the country continue to take a toll on the people, many efforts are been set out, both by wealthy individuals and corporate organizations to reduce the hardship the Nigerian people are passing through already.

On social media, individuals are doing a lot of cash giveaways, giving out foodstuffs as well, as much as they can.

Now, Telecom giant, MTN Nigeria has joined the queue, with their 300 SMS offer to their subscribers in the country, with the SMS offer broken down into 10 daily, for a period of 30 days.
Well, Nigerians have rejected the offer, as they think the Telecom giant are not doing enough, seeing the offer as having no positive impact on the people. Instead, they requested for either data or airtime. See their reactions below...