Sunday, 24 May 2020

19 year old Nigerian social media expert flaunts his newly acquired house.

Hardwork pays, especially when combined with intelligence, determination and focus. And it is equally said that if you can dream it then you can achieve it.

Yes, the above might just be directly referring to the 19 year old Nigerian IT and social media expert, Asiwaju Lerry, but mostly known as Duke of Ibadan who recently acquired a new house. The happy and new house owner took to his Twitter page to show off his new achievement.
He made it clear that he was able to achieve that feat at the age of 19 because of his hardwork and dedication.
Yes, this should be a great motivation to most young persons who do not believe that hardwork pays, nor that the only way to make it in life is through fraud, or other dubious ways.

"After years of hard work and dedication, I can finally say I am proud home owner at 19. Anything is possible," the young man wrote as he shared photos of his new house on social media.