Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Bournemouth goalkeeper, Aaron Ramsdale tests positive to Corona Virus.

Bournemouth goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale has confirmed that he has tested positive for coronavirus in the latest round of Premier League tests.
A total of 996 players and club staff were tested in the second round of testing last week. The other individual at a different club has not been named.
Eight people from Premier League clubs have tested positive after 1,744 tests.
Ramsdale, 22, who had tested negative last Monday, told The Sun he was asymptomatic.
"It's definitely a shock. I've not been in contact with anybody and I've now got it," said the England Under-21 international, who will self-isolate for seven days.
"When you know you haven't had it, and you've just been following the rules and only gone to the shop, that was obviously scary at first."
The first round of testing included the positive tests of Watford defender Adrian Mariappa and Burnley assistant manager Ian Woan, according to BBC Football