Monday, 11 May 2020

Creativity: See this Biafra inspired face mask (photos).

Creativity is one of the greatest gift to humanity. Creativity drives human existence in all facets; hence, the laud ovation accorded such mind-blowing work of great creativity.

Nigerians have a long history of coming up with great work of creativity, from all angles of human activities, and the below Biafra inspired face mask is one of such great attributes of our creative power and prowess.
Since the emergence of the Corona Virus, Nigerians have risen to the occasion in proving to the world once again, how much they can actually solve most of their own problems, solely on their own efforts.
They have been making all sorts of face masks, in different awesome creative manners, to the admiration of many, if not all, and once again, the above Biafra inspired face mask is another sign of that.

The photos were shared by one Biafra Delast Miracle via his Facebook page with the words: "We own in style, we fear no one, Biafra is excellently created. Order now for your own."