Monday, 25 May 2020

Cynthia Morgan's new Instagram account hacked.

It is sad to learn that barely 24 hours after Cynthia Morgan launched her new Instagram page, that it has been hacked by some scrupulous elements.

The new Instagram account was launched in a bid to revive the career of the Edo born singer, but it's unfortunate that some people already have began aiming to destroy her new efforts.

The social media account was reportedly hacked between the hours of 12am-5am this morning, and the person has equally sent out fraudulent messages to some person using the said Instagram account.

But she confirmed just moments ago that she has recovered the account.
Confirming the incident, Cynthia Morgan wrote: "This account was hacked by someone with email account but we have just gotten it back. Please ignore any message that was sent here between the hours of 12am till 5am. It wasn't me."
The good news is that the account has been retrieved. But we can't afford to see her plunged into another state of depression and downcast.
The said new Instagram account has close to 60 thousand followers less than 48 hours it was launched.