Tuesday, 26 May 2020

If I attend your wedding and your divorce within 2 years, then you refund my entire expenses- Popular artiste Manager, Soso Soberekon warns.

Top Nigerian artiste manager, Soso Soberekon has just dropped a bombshell for intending couples who want him to buy their wedding eso-ebi.

If made it clear that if the eso-ebi material costs above 1,500 then the couple will have to pen an agreement with his lawyer, that should the marriage fail within 2 years, then the couples will refund his money.

This comes after he spent about 65,000 naira to get a particular couple's aso-ebi in December, 2019, paid for his flight just to attend the wedding in Enugu from Lagos, and now he heard that the couple just divorced about four days ago.
 In his words:
It's so annoying

I bought an ASO-EBI for 65k last year December and travelled all the way to Enugu from Lagos for the wedding. Paid my flight tickets to and fro, only for me to hear today that the couples divorced 4days ago!

Marriages don't last more than 2 years this days, don't know why. So from now on, anyone who brings ASO-EBI of over 1,500 for me; will sign an agreement with my lawyer....You divorce, you refund me my money with interest