Sunday, 3 May 2020

Ndi-Igbo celebrate the famous Professor of Physics, P.N Okeke on his birthday.

P. N Okeke is a household name in Nigeria, mostly amongst the family of science students, obviously because of his great Physics Book "Senior Secondary Physics" which contributed immensely to the life of many Nigerian science students back in secondary school.

Well, the revered professor of physics is been celebrated on the social media by his Igbo brothers and other Nigerians who values the work of the Professor. 

A Twitter page "Igbo History & facts" dedicated to celebrating Igbos and their great achievements remembered the great professor on his birthday yesterday, May 2nd, 2020.

"Has there been any recognition or award to Prof. Pius Nwankwo (PN) Okeke? The author who wrote a demystified physics textbook most us read in secondary School. He is 78 yrs.
Let's retweet and celebrate this great man while he's alive," the post was captioned.
"He took us on Physics Laboratory work at UNN in the mid-80's. At that time I don't think he was a Prof. A soft and friendly lecturer. We pray God to continue to keep him alive," One Horizon wrote.

"Recognition in which country? Not today, not in this dispensation and maybe not in this country especially with these crop of leaders.
His state government can do that. His geopolitical zone can do that, but you see this federal govt. that is ruled by the presidency hmm e go tey," Stephen Uche Onyegbula wrote.